Ashley Performance, LLC introduces our new 1895/336 Lever Action Scope Mount

October 14, 2016 Mike Alford

Our mount positions the scope low and forward on Marlin®, Henry®, and similar 1895/336-style leverguns. This position accounts for the low comb on the typical levergun and allows for running the gun at speed from the shoulder. It also allows thumb access to the hammer, eliminating the need for a hammer-spur extension. In addition, this position minimizes the chance of the scope contacting the shooter’s brow during recoil.

The mount is a one-piece design machined from heat-treated 4140 steel and attaches to the existing threaded holes on top of the receiver with four 8-40 oval-head screws – no firearm modification is necessary. Standard rotary-dovetail rings (not included) are utilized, and these tend to have a smoother shape than Picatinny/Weaver-style rings. With a compact scope installed, this combination improves comfort when carrying the rifle by gripping around the receiver and scope.

Using recommended scopes and rings, the bottom of the eyepiece is only .010in above the rear of the mount and only .110in above the receiver. The front ring is cantilevered over the barrel, and a brass-tipped stop screw is adjusted to approximately .003in barrel clearance to prevent deformation.

Ashley Emerson has written an article that explains why a scope should be mounted low and forward and defines desirable characteristics of scopes for a levergun.

“Scopes and Leverguns” by Ashley Emerson

(click link to view)