AR-15/M16 Front Sight with 1/2-MOA Adjustment

AR-15/M16 Front Sight with 1/2-MOA Adjustment
  • 1/2-MOA adjustment (M4 and A2 versions available)
  • .040" white stripe on .100" black blade for maximum contrast
  • Stripe extends to top of blade
  • Paint resists yellowing from UV exposure
  • Stripe inclined at 30 degrees to better reflect available light
  • Blade has angled top and narrowed sides to reduce glare
  • Kit includes sight, plunger, and tool
Our AR front sight is a drop-in replacement for a standard front post on AR-15/M16/M4 rifles and carbines as well as aftermarket front-sight bases designed to accept AR-style posts.
The sight comprises two parts:
1) an upper part having a .100" black blade with a .040" white stripe angled away from the shooter at 30 degrees; and
2) a lower part for setting elevation of the sight.
Both parts have detent positions for adjusting elevation in increments of 1/2 minute of angle (1/2 MOA equals approximately 1/2" at 100 yards).  To accommodate the difference in sight radius between rifles and carbines, we offer a 13-position version for the M4-length sight radius (14.5") and a 10-position version for the A2-length sight radius (20").
We believe our white stripe is the best in the industry.  It is hand-painted under magnification in a precision-machined groove, and our quality control emphasizes the quality of the stripe.  Extensive testing of many types of paints led us to a high-performance white paint that resists the yellowing (due to UV light) seen on other sights.  In addition, our stripe extends to the top of the blade, unlike other sights that have a dark area at the top of the stripe.  Ashley chose the 30-degree inclination after field tests to determine the optimum angle for reflecting available light.  The result is a high-contrast sight that outperforms tritium sights under the vast majority of lighting conditions and will not dim over time.
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