1895/336 or 1894 Lever Action Scope Mount

Marlin 1895 and Leupold FX-II Ultralight 2.5x20mm


      • Fits Marlin® and similar 1895/336- or 1894-style leverguns
      • Utilizes a one-piece design machined from heat-treated 4140 steel
      • Attaches to the existing threaded holes on top of the receiver – no permanent modifications necessary, but rear sight must be removed (click here for detailed installation instructions)
      • Incorporates a cantilever design with a brass-tip stop screw to limit deflection
      • Uses standard dual rotary-dovetail rings (not included)
      • Positions the scope low and forward
      • Allows thumb access to the hammer – eliminates the need for a hammer-spur extension
      • Minimizes the chance of the scope contacting the shooter’s brow during recoil

      Our levergun scope mounts have been designed to use standard rotary-dovetail rings, such as those available from Leupold® and Burris®, for positioning a scope lower and farther forward than allowed by previous mounts. The advantages achieved with this positioning are discussed in an article at this link:

      “Scopes and Leverguns” by Ashley Emerson

      (click link to view)

      Scope and ring combinations

      For the lowest and most compact arrangement on both the 1895/336 and the 1894, we recommend the following Leupold combination:

      FX-II Ultralight 2.5x20mm (wide duplex #58450) [eyepiece 1.4in diameter]

      DD 1-in Super Low rings (matte #60629)

      Alumina Flip-Back Lens Covers (front #59030, rear #59060)

      This scope provides compact size, low weight, and sufficient magnification for most situations, while the rings provide a smooth profile for comfortably carrying the levergun by wrapping your hand around the receiver and scope. This combination locates the bottom of the eyepiece at only .110in above the top of the receiver.

      For the 1894, the distance between the rear scope ring and the hammer limits scope choices to those having an eyepiece length similar to the FX-II. The added length of the magnification ring on most variable-power scopes will cause the scope to be positioned too far rearward to clear the hammer at half-cock.

      For the 1895/336, the longer receiver allows for a variable-power scope, and we also recommend this Leupold combination:

      VX-3i 2.5-8x36mm (duplex #170678) [eyepiece 1.6in diameter]

      DD 1-in Low rings (matte #49915)

      Alumina Flip-Back Lens Covers (front #59040, rear #59055)

      These larger scopes must be mounted .100in higher than the compact scope, but the bottom of the eyepiece is still only .110in above the top of the receiver.  The combinations provide higher magnification but still allow for comfortably carrying the levergun at the receiver.
      It is important to know the amount of eye relief for any scope you are considering for use with our mount. A scope with less eye relief than those listed above and mounted in the forward position may require that your stock be shortened (which may also improve your ability to run the levergun from your shoulder). In addition, it is important to choose the shortest ring height that will still allow mounting of the scope, and here are the recommended ring heights for typical eyepiece sizes:

      Eyepiece (dia.)        Rings

      1.4in                          Leupold® #60629 DD 1-in Super Low [0.55in]

      1.6in                          Leupold® #49915 DD 1-in Low (matte) [0.65in]

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